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Genres:Action-Adventure, Anime, Mystery or Noir, Science Fiction
Description*:it might seem like something out of a comic but its true. There are beings that have developed supernatural abilities living among us but those abilities are linked to the incredible madness that clouds their minds. They are called Corruptors and pose a great danger to humanity.

Auster is the only agency defending us from the corruptors in a war that's been made invisible for eyes of most. However if you're able to read this it means you're one of the few persons who's free to join us in oure fight. Help us protect huminaty from th--

HELLO WORLD. You migth call me Ra,I'm an former agent of Auster and I've taken control over their website to bring you the truth about this invisible war
a truth that not everybody would like you to know. And I'll do it in the only way my derranged mind let's me.Througt sequential art... that's rigth
comics. I don't know how long it might be before they realize what I'm doing and catch me but until then I'll keep on drawing.

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