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Vigor Mortis

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Genres:Action-Adventure, Drama, Horror, Mystery or Noir, Science Fiction, Spiritual
Description*:In life, there is but one thing you can know for certain: you will die.

Vigor Mortis is an online graphic novel about dead people, the afterlife and the thrill of post mortem bureaucracy.

With Reapers, Revenants and Ghosts all existing in a state of uneasy peace and tensions between the Archetypes mounting thanks to the Reaper Organisation’s unrelenting campaign for order, they must figure out how to survive (in a manner of speaking) while avoiding the attention of supernatural forces whose motives are beyond the understanding of even the afterlife’s most learned scholars…

Art and lettering: Jennie Gyllblad

World and words: Ella McConnell
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Flags:L Adult Language
V Graphic Violence
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