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Samhain Night

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Genres:Action-Adventure, Anime, Fantasy
Description*:I have a passionate love of all things Celtic. Celtic art, Celtic music, Celtic history and Celtic folklore. I have spent years studying Celtic culture and have amassed several bookshelves full of books on the topic. I’ve also spent years mastering the art of Celtic design and learning the hidden meanings behind the symbols of Celtic art & mythology. I was inspired to create Samhain Night from manga and anime, my other love, particularly the way traditional folklore and beliefs live on through such stories as Death Note, Moribito and others. I wished that the vast wealth of Celtic mythology, history and folklore could be shared in such an exciting and engaging way, and so the spark for Samhain Night began. Initially, I contemplated using the Ulster Cycle, with the tales of the Red Branch and the Tain Bo Cuailnge or possibly the Fenian Cycle and the stories of Fionn, Oisín and Cormac Mac Art, but my love of the broader mythology won out. I have created a world in Samhain Night based on the mythology of the Celts that is filled with symbolic meaning and elements of ancient myths. While I have invented a few things for the purpose of the story, at least 90% of Samhain Night is true to the source. I hope you enjoy your trip into my world of ancient Celtic myth and find your way out safely again, perhaps with a bit of magic following after you.
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Entry Added:Thu, Oct 30, 2014
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