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13 Storm: SoulQuartz

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Genres:Action-Adventure, Anime, Comedy, Fantasy, Gaming
Description*:Millions of years ago, the three dominant races that existed in the world of Lumeria came to the danger of extinction when the beastly force of the Eblis race desired supremacy... then, one day, 13 warriors lead by a human named Agolas appeared before the world as the savior of Lumeria and the last hope of mankind. They became the first generation "STORM". They destroyed half of the Eblis force, sealed the remaining in the 13 towers and guarded them to protect the world from their assault, restoring peace throughout the land. Many years have passed, and one treacherous storm obliterated one of the 13 towers, his motive still unknown to the world. Yet again, Lumeria descents back into the darkness which has once fallen over their past...
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