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Prince of Sartar

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Genres:Action-Adventure, Fantasy
Description*:Prince of Sartar is an epic story of the Hero Wars set in Greg Stafford's Glorantha.

During the Third Age of Glorantha, the triumphant Red Emperor leads the Lunar Empire to victory. With his armies and magicians led by the beautiful demigoddess Jar-eel the Razoress, he moves to extinguish the breath of Orlanth, King of the Storms for his mother the Red Goddess of the Moon. Against him, with His blood-oath sworn, Argrath moves to gather his allies to tear down the the Moon.
And that is only one of the conflicts that will wrack Glorantha.

Join Argrath, Samastina, Jar-eel, Harrek and the other heroes as we witness the Hero Wars at the end of Glorantha’s Third Age through their eyes.
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Flags:N Nudity
V Graphic Violence
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