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Dead Hand Used Bookstore

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Genres:Drama, Fantasy, Horror, Mystery or Noir
Description*:"The Dead Hand Used Bookstore" is a story about a little girl named Celeste who is orphaned and comes to live with the great half uncle she never knew she had in his apartment above his used bookstore. As she finds out the bookstore is rather mystical, and there are many rumors about the store around the town. As Celeste discovers the secrets that lie behind the dead hand used bookstore she also discovers her own strength and independence." - reproduced without permission from comic's website
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Flags:A Adult Situations
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07:33pm 02/14/2015
Atmospheric and charming
In the first twenty pages, Amelia Davis has developed a sympathetic main character, a tragic backstory, and an intriguing mystery, all set within the dark but charming environment of a used bookstore that might (or might not) be more than it seems.

More than a hint of C.S.Lewis's Chronicles of Narnia is reflected in this story. Not only is the favorite book of the main character (Celeste) The Magician's Nephew, but the distant relative who takes her in is much like Professor Kirke. Mr. Castle seems intimidating and harsh at first, yet has understanding and sympathy for a little girl who has suffered a tragedy. The artwork is rough only to the extent that it help to convey the spooky atmosphere; otherwise it is refined and consistent. I found myself reading these pages as though they were the storyboards for an animated movie. Everything so far is simply well-thought-out and well-polished. I look forward to seeing this story develop.
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