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Code Name: Hunter

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Genres:Action-Adventure, Drama, Fantasy, Furry
Description*:Working for the government is hard enough. But when strange creatures start running amok after a bombing raid things become even more complicated. The old magic is back, and it's not leaving without a fight.
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06:46pm 10/24/2011
Adventure, humor, tragedy, and streaking
After William the Conqueror took the British throne, he strengthened his hold by sealing away all magic behind the Seal of Dawn. Nearly a thousand years later, the Seal of Dawn is destroyed during the Battle of Britain, and magic returns to England. The Royal Center of Special Investigations (RCSI) is created to protect Great Britain and its people from magical harm.

Code Name: Hunter is written in a comic book format, with a single comic page posted every week. The artwork is very clean and detailed, and the story shows many complexities. The characters have a lot of depth, and the world setting is well developed. This is an anthro comic. The main characters, Max and Ruby (who have nothing to do with the Canadian animated series of that name) are a mouse and a hound, respectively. Max was originally inspired by the cartoon character DangerMouse, though that resemblance all but disappeared after the series reboot in 2005.

Code Name: Hunter contains both drama (with main characters having died or disappeared) and humor (one "interlude" story was based on Ray Stevens' 1974 song "The Streak.) It also includes adult situations, but no gratuitous nudity (The Streak notwithstanding).
08:38am 07/14/2008
by cpam
This an interesting strip about...
This an interesting strip about an alternate/furry world where magic has suddenly reappeared in the present time. The art is kind of awkward, and so is the writing from time to time, but the story is solid, the world and characters are very well realized, and there is a huge deal of effort put into the overall work. Very enjoyable.
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