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Genres:Fantasy, Furry
Description*:Min and Cress are on a huge mission (of Min's devising) that'll save the world, or something like that. Or wait, was it just a continent? I can't quite remember. In any case, she's on important business, and she needs her sack of seeds intact to get it started.

Flora is… a little complex. It's not just a webcomic, or a series of comics. It's a group of references and characters and materials collectively called "Floraverse".

Everything on the site and submitted to the group is part of the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 License, which means basically that you can do what you'd like with it. Consider Floraverse a kind of shared world for people to participate in, if they'd like.
* Descriptions are user submitted and might not express the views of the admins of this site, or of the comics creators themselves.
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06:15am 11/29/2015
Very tough to review...
Flora is many things.
It is a traditional comic, it is a visual novel, it is video, it is a world provided to adventure in.

If you are looking for an RPG setting, Flora offers explicit information on many races, and on many locations. Rather than focusing on one aspect of the world, skips around to various characters to flesh out a broad spectrum of lore.

But if you are here JUST for the webcomic, it will mostly likely feel unfocused. Just when the "Seeds" arc starts to heat up, it is abandoned for later. Some of the arcs resolve in unclear ways. There is tons of lore between the story updates. There are interesting stories that I've enjoyed, but I can't help but wish we could get the author's full attention.

If you want to start at the very beginning and progress in creation order, go here:

Even though humor is not the driving reason to come to flora, I've laughed many times. If you are interested, be ready to be confused, and able to release any anxiety about what is happening!
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