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Strays of Siravia

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Genres:Furry, Superheroes
Description*:S.O.S: Strays of Siravia, takes place on the fictional world of Siravia: a world filled with a variety of strange creatures. Some of which have the unusual ability to harness their life giving Aura into various powers. These people are called Channelers. In the city of Atradon, a group of misfits who all grew up at an orphanage together, learn that their old orphanage can no longer financially support itself and will soon be shut down, the group decides to use their Aura Powers to form a mercenary group called: The Strays, so they can raise money to help support their former home and secure a safe place for the orphaned children of Atradon City. However, their heroic exploits attract the attention of a crime syndicate known as Radiant Shroud, and their leader, Rexnarok. Follow the Strays as they battle Radiant Shroud to save both the orphanage, and the city.
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Flags:L Adult Language
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