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Ariel 51

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Genres:Action-Adventure, Science Fiction
Description*:A long form sci-fi adventure comic about Ariel Ackley, a girl struggling with loss and her journey to strange new places. I’ve always loved the sci-fi genre since Star Wars blew my mind as a kid and I’ve wanted to do my own story in that genre for a long time. My first foray into comics was called Tripp, a sort of hybrid gag-a-day strip with a longform story. After doing a couple gag strips where the comics were all one-offs ( and I really found myself missing telling stories. Thus, Ariel 51 was born.

A note about the update schedule… For years, Thursdays at 9:00am EST has been my regular update time and I’ll start out doing that for Ariel 51 as well. The intent is for it to be a weekly strip and it will be for at least a year as I have been building a large buffer. If I run out of my buffer I’ll change the update schedule to ‘whenever I get the page done.’
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