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Genres:Comedy, Furry, Romance
Description*:Peter & Whitney: A True Story of Two Best Friends Falling in Love

In the original Peter & Company story, Peter and Whitney are two young friends who meet for the first time in middle school. It is now years later; the neighborhood kids have all grown up and graduated high school, the Guardians are gone, Peter is heading off to his first semester at a liberal arts school... and Whitney is no longer a part of his life, having evidently moved away years earlier.

This comic tells the story of how these two happen to find each other once again. reforming their original friendship and finding themselves falling in love. It is semi-autobiographical, telling the story of how the authors of the comic met at college and began their lives together. As such, the majority of stories will be based on true events, many settings in the comic will be based on real-world locations, and even the other characters in the comic will be based on actual people.

The story begins with Peter heading off to the Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD), but the comic will not remain there forever. Eventually it will progress into other main events within the characters' lives, including marriage and beyond. Unlike Peter & Company, which has a concrete ending point, Peter & Whitney will be able to continue indefinitely. It's our intent to keep this comic going as long as we have stories to tell, and we are getting new stories to tell every day.
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