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Tudor Fennik

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Genres:Action-Adventure, Science Fiction
Description*:Science fiction character Tudor Fennik. Born in a lab. Created by a young eager Scientist, Dr. Laura Fennik and her small team of bio tech think tank, Tudor Fennik became self aware 7 seconds after being "birthed" from the surrogate androids bio-tech womb. Two DJI (Dah Gee) officers in attendance for the grand event. Tudor was created as the 5th prototype of his kind....A bio-tech warrior. Given enhanced abilities from Phasing Nano Bots who grow and learn as he does a symbiotic relationship between bio and tech. Suspended in a tank of bio electric gel until his nanos learn to harvest their own energy, eventually becoming singularity engines. Running on their own. These are his stories.
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Entry Added:Thu, May 11, 2017
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