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Cashmere Sky

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Genres:Action-Adventure, Comedy, Drama, Fantasy, Furry, Mystery or Noir, Science Fiction
Description*:In Ion Valley, a vast majority of the planet is covered in a mysterious thick fog. Land has become scarce, forcing the population to move to higher altitude. As wars were fought and decades passed, societies began to establish themselves. Being geographically rich in resources with large land mass, it didn’t take long for Ion Valley to establish regional dominance. However, not everyone was so lucky. There is still struggle throughout the rest of the world. While refugees are still coming in with strict control on how the region operates, tensions are brewing while whispers of conspiracy are in the air.

The Cashmere family are long time residents of Ion Valley. Abram Cashmere has retired from the military, and now serves as the Chief of Police. Abram and Holly’s kids, Arlo and Enzo, have been privileged to have a father so respected by the bureaucracy, allowing them to live a comfortable life in Ohmsdale. While Abram does the best he can to keep Ion Valley safe, the government often times has other ideas in mind.

With an influx of refugees and rising tensions of class warfare, Abram is beginning to receive questionable orders that go against his duties to protect the people. With the assistance of his colleague Archer Sullivan, they both begin to question the motives of the government. With a seemingly beautiful place to live, there are dark undertones being revealed. As Abram investigates, he’ll find a conspiracy so deep and disturbing, that it could shatter the lives of everyone not just in Ion Valley, but the world itself.
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