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Electric Rose, The

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Genres:Anime, Fantasy, Gay-Lesbian-TG, Superheroes
Description*:Ten years ago, 22 Guardians, each bearing the power of a Tarot Card, died to save their planet Einan. Two months ago, those very Guardians revived themselves and turned against the same planet they sacrificed themselves to save. These new enemies are led by Guardian Death, who intends to take over her former home. To protect their cards and provide a defense for Einan, the Chariot, Lovers, and Justice Guardians send their cards far away; they wind up on Earth. One night, three girls are ripped out of their beds on Earth and brought to Einan, and there they are told that they must use the Tarot they were given in order to save both Einan and Earth! Elysia, Karina, Lorin become the Barrier Guardians called Electric Rose, Honey Bell, and Elegant Frost in order to defeat Death's corrupted Guardians and protect everything they know.

In a magical girl story about life and death and all the pain and joy in between, Elysia is faced with an adventure far greater than anything she could have imagined. With old friends and new, she gains powerful magic, inner strength, and perhaps a little love, too.
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