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Red Circuitry

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Genres:Action-Adventure, Science Fiction
Description*:An old old project, a cyberpunk project, an off world science fiction political drama, a gritty story about the dark underbelly of a world unsettlingly like our own.

While the webcomic on this site has only been stewing around in our heads for a couple years it is based on much older projects dating back to Victor’s high school days and college for Elly. This all started with a home brew RPG system produced back at the height of the pen and paper role playing industry. We had dreams, HIGH HOPES!!!! Reality had other plans, but in the process of creating this game we also created a rather magnificent world that has been tickling our brains ever since. This comic is actually set in a very different part of the world than the original game was, and after almost a decade away from the content that’s probably a good thing. A lot of what we planned from the early days has influenced this story, and depending on how long this crazy project goes on we may get to some of it.
Our goals are to use the fantastic setting of science fiction to tell some really messy human stories, to learn a great deal more about art, writing, and our favorite aspects of the genre as we go, and hopefully to share our creation and process with anyone out there with similar interests.
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Flags:L Adult Language
V Graphic Violence
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