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Cardinal Junction

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Genres:Action-Adventure, Fantasy, Horror, Spiritual
Description*:Sequestered between decrepit woods and dreary swamplands, stands the Cardinal Junction – a collective of oligarchical city-states embattled in a 500-year-old civil war. The Abbots of the windy North combat the Covens of the damp South upon the war-torn farmlands of the East as broken souls escape to the West for a life of rail work and mining. The Junctions each seek an audience with their Lamb-Veiled Shepherd, for who they birth and die for alike. Amidst the wisps and corpse-lights, young Agatha Crowley, alongside her compatriots, plunge further into the shadows which inspired this age-old war.
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Flags:A Adult Situations
L Adult Language
V Graphic Violence
Entry Added:Thu, Jan 11, 2018
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