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Genres:Action-Adventure, Fantasy, Gay-Lesbian-TG
Description*:A young priestess with divine gifts, a washed-up dwarven adventurer turned alcoholic, a born-and-raised street urchin with a good heart, and one ever-changing, ever-expanding, magical dungeon!

Marblegate is the story of a self-creating, magical and living mega-dungeon that has existed since ancient times. Filled to the brim with secrets, wonders, and danger, the Marblegate dungeon has challenged many heroes who've sought to brave this infinite and unnavigable labyrinth of monsters and peril. Some seek the fortune, glory, and adventure that the dungeon promises. Others delve into the deep for more personal reasons, such as training or tradition or even merely scholarly interest. Regardless of their reasons, they stand unified in their singular purpose; dungeoneering. It's here, Colleen the priestess, Randulf the warrior, and Ozwald the thief, shall test their mettle against the trails of the eternal dungeon. Together, these three different people will have to contend not only with the difficulties of Marblegate, but with the people they must dungeoneer with, as well as the people of the town that is built around the great marble doors.
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