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Clyde Bicbee is the most naive and childish employee at the bank. He will find himself clueless in the boring office of international transfers, where no one seems to do their job or even care about it. The Bicbee family name stands for Bank Identifier Code Bee and holds a long heritage of bees who have worked at international transactions for many generations.
This daily strip brings the contrast of a silly young adult living in a very serious world in financial crisis, where his ignorance and innocence will always find some space for humor and reflection.
It is a resemblance of our world’s financial system, where millions of people live like hard working bees sustaining a global economy with constant ups and downs that no one seems to fully understand.
This comic strip is created by Leo Trinidad, a cartoonist from Costa Rica, best knows for being the creator of several animated short form series sold in more than 50 territories around the world, and acquired by broadcasters like Disney Japan, BBC Kids Canada, Cartoon Network Latin America and Dreamworks TV in the USA
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