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Genres:Action-Adventure, Superheroes
Description*:Centuries ago, the survivors of a chemical apocalypse emerged in a world affected by radiations. Like the fauna and flora of the new Earth, humans have evolved, biologically and socially, into four elemental races - fire Salamanders, earth Gnomes, air Sylphs and water Undines. Decades of gruesome war between the fire and water nations culminate in a reluctant treaty, as now both sides have a common enemy - swarms of spectre demons that destroy and take away lives regardless of power or faction. Heirs to the fire and water thrones, Ava and Diego are tasked with assembling a mixed-race army designed to resist Spectres, while balancing the political games they are unwillingly dragged into.
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Flags:V Graphic Violence
Entry Added:Sun, Sep 30, 2018
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