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Worlds Apart Part 2

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Genres:Anime, Drama, Fantasy, Gay-Lesbian-TG, Horror, Romance
Description*:So you braved Worlds Apart: Part One's twists and turns, by which I mean it's melodrama and questionable art, and now you come to Worlds Apart: Part Two.

Jack, with the help of his stolen money and fake identity, has finally managed to build himself a brand new life. He owns a car, he owns property, and he owns a business.
He's free from the violence and abuse that life with Tony brought him, and free from the insanity of being around Kay. ("Or is he?" The reader mumbles, side eyeing the cover picture to the left. "We'll fucking see about that.")
Horrific childhood memories aside, life should now be all sunshine and roses as Jack embarks on the only life he's ever wanted: One of drama free monotony.

Worlds Apart is a real life fantasy with mature themes. Part 2 is the darkest part of all the Parts. Be warned. Be 18 or over etc.
Warnings for: Suicide attempts, references to child abuse, violence, rape and drug use. Swearing, if you need a warning for that.
In general, none of the above (except maybe the violence) will be particularly graphic, I have to adhere to SJ's TOS after all, but be warned anyway.
* Descriptions are user submitted and might not express the views of the admins of this site, or of the comics creators themselves.
Flags:A Adult Situations
L Adult Language
N Nudity
V Graphic Violence
X Explicit (NC-17)
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