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World of Planescore: Scarlet Lily

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Genres:Fantasy, Horror
Description*:To the distant Sindera province arrives young and ambitious inquisitor, with his fame preceding him. Task seems to be simple. Find the murderer who took the life of emperors cousin. But what he finds is a city full of corruption and sin, where constables are just another criminal organization caring more of their own gain than justice Inquisitor quickly finds that only person willing to help is young countess Rosa, seemingly only one who actually ares. But are her intentions pure? And what secrets are nobles of this city hiding?

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Story and Script - Talsharis
Paneling and Sketching - MauAcheron
Colouring, Lettering and Character concepts - Ssapdra
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Flags:N Nudity
V Graphic Violence
Entry Added:Tue, Jul 30, 2019
Entry Modified:Wed, Sep 6, 2023
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