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Barkham Horror

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Genres:Comedy, Furry, Horror
Description*:Barkham Horror is written by Scott D. and drawn by Golden F. It follows the misadventures of Adrienne Barbara Whippet, a dog who moves to the titular town to meet her long lost father, Towser Brindle. Unfortunately, Towser is away on a mysterious venture overseas, and has left his house, as well as a considerable sum of money, to his daughter. Adrienne sets out to learn more about her father's history, and in doing so comes to befriend some of the town's eccentric residents, including good-natured sheriff Howie Husky, self-styled paranormalists Mark and Sparx, the elderly and mischievous Akitas, troubled teens Junior and Frenchy, helpful pup Benjy T. Rascal, who always seems to be around just when you need him, and many others. There are countless bizarre and dangerous secrets to be found, stirring in the shadows of the streets, alleyways, and basements, like the real reason nobody's seen Doctor Westie's wife in years, or the strange statue in the park that is surrounded by security cameras 24/7, or the identity of the masked dog that's stalking Adrienne's every move. One thing's for sure—it's a dog's life.
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