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Dragon & the Lemur, The

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Genres:Drama, Fantasy, Furry, Gay-Lesbian-TG, Romance
Description*:The Dragon and the Lemur is a web-manga drawn by Vilani Vilá and scripted by the same and CherryVincent. It all started as a private Roleplay between the artist and CherryVincent, which later Vilani decided to transform into a webcomic. It's currently hosted over SmackJeeves, Furaffinity (not complete), Deviantart and Patreon.

D.a.L (for short) tells us the story of two characters, Hakakku (a humanoid, hybrid between Cat and a Lemur) and Chain (a humanoid, dragon). They both met, probably not under the best circumstances and ended up falling in love. The script for this story is currently finished, and the story is about 1/3 of the way right now.

This comic contains very explicit content, homosexual relationships, along with many other themes (some of them, very sensitive) that may often be mentioned. It's also important to notice, it may have blood and gore, as well as heavy violence and character death.

Update schedule: MONDAY
Started: Sept 2005
Status: On going

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Flags:A Adult Situations
L Adult Language
N Nudity
V Graphic Violence
X Explicit (NC-17)
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