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Genres:Action-Adventure, Fantasy, Furry, Gay-Lesbian-TG, Transformation
Description*:(Fantasy, LGBT+, Action) A story about atonement in a magic kingdom, where not all is what it seems. Updates Tuesdays (currently with extra Friday updates).

The Four Wind Kingdom is threatened by an uncanny evil! Follow the adventures of the legendary hero Elise and her teammates Veriesin, Audrey and Stormsever, as with justice and magical skills, they do whatever it takes to protect their world from oblivion!

This is not about that story. Let’s start that again.

In the magical Four Winds Kingdom, there once was a threat of Dark Lord Mortallon, who tried to rule the realm with a gruesome end. But, by a stroke of luck, Prince Mortimer was given a second chance at life, to save the world from evil plots all too familiar to him and his Amberhob minions. With shaky teamwork and powerful skills, they will do whatever it takes to prove that even black magic can be used for good… And, maybe, protect their kingdom from oblivion.

(tw: mild violence, strong language, implied self harm)
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