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Genres:Action-Adventure, Fantasy, Furry
Mothorial is a webcomic about an adventurous fruit bat and a nervous goose-pheasant on a quest to save their world from a being as old as reality itself.
In the fantastical world of Mothorial, remnants of The Last War are beginning to wake, and firelight tales whisper of a nameless evil in the world beneath the world.

Tired of her life in the sleepy town of Mosswood, Ava :Ava:, a spunky and adventurous fruit bat, wants nothing more than to venture out across Mothorial and make a name for herself. Her caretaker, the nervous homebody and librarian goose-pheasant Ackerley :Ackerley:, has sheltered her from the outside world and a troubled life that is slowly catching up to him.

But nothing stays hidden forever, and soon Ava and Ackerley are cast out into a land of adventure, danger, love, and loss, where folklore comes to sinister life, heroes are forged in the most unexpected places, and the scars of the past never sleep for long. As they barrel ever closer to a destiny they could never have imagined, they will discover the truth of their own mysterious pasts and face a darkness—and a secret—older than the universe itself.
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