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No North

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Genres:Action-Adventure, Fantasy, Furry
Description*:No North is a Webcomic currently being created by Raquel Simoso (Skailla). Inspired by classic animal fables, traditionally animated movies and every old west adventure you can imagine, this story came to life with the support of fans from around the world.

The pilot began its production in 2013 as a short comic called Up and Ahead, which featured the early adventures of our unlikely duo, Steban and Martin. In 2018 it was successfully funded and printed, and the eBook can still be found in our store. The concept has now been fully remodelled and the world and characters expanded from there.

In 2020, the prequel to No North was released. Known as Shut Eye, it was based on the viral animatic created in 2017, by the song “Shut Eye” by the group Stealing Sheep. It tells one of Steban’s strangest misadventures, and is the official prequel to No North’s storyline.

There’s a long road ahead, filled with ominous mysteries, engaging adventures and many surprises. Will you join us on this journey?
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