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Bitch Fit

CID:26340 Subscriptions:9
Frequency:On Hiatus
Genres:Action-Adventure, Drama, Horror, Transformation
Description*:Chloe, Mina, and Nadia have been BFFs since childhood and
do everything together, including their new part-time job:

When an accident leaves all three girls as werewolves, only
a talisman granted to each by a shadowy organization can
keep the massive, bloodthirsty monsters inside them at bay.
To keep their self-control and their lives, the girls must hunt
and kill for the Red Market, but soon find that when we feed
the beast within, we may awaken parts of ourselves
that we aren’t ready to see.
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Flags:A Adult Situations
L Adult Language
V Graphic Violence
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Entry Added:Mon, Jun 14, 2021
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