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Genres:Comedy, Furry, Gay-Lesbian-TG, Romance
Description*:ome queer and poor animal friends getting by and having fun in The Big City.
Main Characters:

Tabby- They/Them and She/Her pronouns. Tabby is an anxious, but laid back lesbian who tries to take everything in stride. They deeply love their girlfriend, Cherry, and would do anything for her. Tabby is autistic and has ADHD as well as generalized anxiety. In addition to being a lesbian, they are genderqueer and asexual.

Cherry- She/Her pronouns. Cherry is a friendly and mischievous girl who enjoys the beauty of life. She deeply loves her girlfriend, Tabby, and would do anything for them (except stop sending them terrible memes at 3am). She is autistic and nonverbal, mostly communicating with sign language. Cherry is also a lesbian, trans, and asexual.
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