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Life of Nob T. Mouse, The

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Genres:Action-Adventure, Comedy, Drama, Fantasy, Furry, Parody or Satire
Description*:The Life of Nob T. Mouse is one of the oldest web comics still on the Internet. However, it is not considered to be one of the longest-running and many comics that have begun after it have far more episodes under their belt. The series was created by writer/artist Zoë Robinson, based on characters she created as a distraction at school in the late 1980s. Nob T. Mouse himself was part of a series of card games styled on ‘Top Trumps’ in 1988 and may have existed earlier. Since the debut of the Series Three stories, Zoë has occasionally shared the task of writing the series with cult sci-fi author Jennifer Kirk.

The series debuted in December 1996, when Welcome, Mr. Nob was written during an exam revision break. The comic was quickly followed by a handful of other stories charting events in the life of Nob T. Mouse (the T stands for ‘The’) and these were all scanned onto computer to be uploaded onto a website for the creator’s school friends to enjoy. At this point in time Zoë Robinson, the series’ creator, had never heard of the concept of a web comic but managed to make one anyway.

The comics were produced on an ad hoc basis with no overall planning or design. They were produced on spare sheets of A4 paper using a pencil to sketch the comic, a biro to ink the lines and coloured pencils to provide colour and highlighting. Dialogue would then be inked onto the artwork in biro and the comic would be scanned for display on the website whenever Zoë remembered to do so. Delays between a comic’s completion and its publication on the Internet could be significant, the record being held by Nob & The Pies, which was produced in 1997 as part of Zoë’s GCSE Art and Design project but not uploaded until 2007.
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