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Wander Forest

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Genres:Comedy, Fantasy, Furry
Description*:if you wander around for hours aimlessly in the forest, you might start to see some interesting things. me for instance i spend hours every day in the forest doing nothing in particular, and after some time, i begin to see them... fairies!!!

the first one's i saw was this cute duo, and i started to following them discreetly, although, i now know that they knew all along that i was watching them (little exhibitionists...). eventually we became friends, and i begin to document their life.

teesi wandermuff the wondrous
♋ sun
♈ moon
♌ rising
a duteous fairy. builder of her very own nest and recently joined the forestry service, a very prestigious position in fairy society. her new job keeps her very busy, and she is away at work most hours of the day. recently, she invited her childhood friend cassandra into her nest to be her roommate, but things got spicy and their relationship jumped onto a new level!

cassandra wisso the sturdy
♉ sun
♍ moon
♎ rising
recently left her mother's home due to some family drama and moved in with teesi. cassandra (cassy for short) is a bit of a shut-in and has trouble making friends or finding a vocation. she's been paying her keep in teesi's home by being her maid and keeping the nest tidy (even though teesi never asks her to). teesi's been encouraging to pursue her inclination toward arts and crafts.


together they've embarked on the adventures of building a committed romantic relationship, but like humans, fairies are capricious and moody creatures. it's difficult to anticipates one's partners desires, needs, and moods... will their romance work out? we'll have to watch and find out!
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