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Genres:Action-Adventure, Comedy, Fantasy, Romance
Description*:Succubane is a hero’s journey comic in the fantasy world of Scaldria.

North is an earnest, socially awkward student. Despite his less than stellar upbringing, he tries hard in life, even if it’s not going so great. Suddenly, a battle between a holy warrior and a demon girl is dumped into his workplace. He soon finds himself marooned in the fantasy world of Scaldria, and bonded to a weapon used to hunt, and banish, the many succubi remaining after a demonic war.

Clover and Skarla are two members of the holy order of Seraphim, sworn to eradicate all remaining demons. It’s their duty to aid the bearer of the Demon’s Bane (the weapon North finds himself connected to.) But it’s never been borne by someone outside the order. What are they to do with this young outworlder? And what’s North to make of these two, especially since one is some kind of wolf girl, and the other a monster of a woman?

Ruka is a young succubus, a slave to her desires and need to reap soul energy from her victims. But she’s ultimately just a cog in the machinations of the ancient succubi matrons. All she wants is to live free and passionately, but being pushed around by the whims of her colony, and hunted by the Seraph, makes that more than a challenge.
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Flags:A Adult Situations
V Graphic Violence
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