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Genres:Furry, Gay-Lesbian-TG, Horror, Parody or Satire
Description*:Sparklecare is a webcomic and commentary on the American healthcare industry. It is based on my own experience in a psychiatric hospital, and highlights the horrors and trauma that come with hospitalization for any reason. This comic is not meant to demonize the medical system, but to shed light on things that aren't commonly talked about. Bad healthcare isn't all its about, either- its also tangently about abuse, trauma, capitalism, and corporate corruption. It centers around a primarily LGBT cast. Despite the bright colors, rainbows, and cartoon animals, Sparklecare is not a kids story and tackles a lot of heavy subjects.

Due to the comic's nature, Sparklecare is intended to be read with a trigger-sensitive comic reader that can inform readers in advance if there is potentially upsetting content (ranging from violence, to abuse, to suicide or sexual humor). It also comes with incorporated transcripts that can explain what's going on to a reader even if they can't view the page for any reason. There are normal transcripts and clean transcripts, the latter being for sensitive material within character dialogue. More information about how this works can be seen on the comic reader module as you read. This is to protect readers from unintentionally triggering themselves while reading the comic.

The comic follows the story of Barry Ill, a green cat who is an autistic and schizophrenic trans man, and his experience of being admitted to the Sparklecare hospital. Despite its glamorous reputation, the hospital is actually a prison that tortures and kills its patients and drains their families of insurance by the corrupt hospital's owner, Dr. Cuddles. Cuddles is a greedy Capitalist scumbag who cares about nothing but money, and so far, everything is working out for him. Any patients who escape or try to speak out against the hospital aren't believed and are written off as crazy. The story follows Barry's journey into uncovering the truth about why this place really is the way it is, and why nobody's talking about it.

Barry is joined by a unicorn-dog named Uni Cornelius, an autistic gay man who has been trapped in the hospital for almost a decade. Uni is well-known for his "swaggy" personality, and despite being extremely depressed, is a beacon of light and humor in the grim surroundings of the hospital. He is also accompanied by Caroline Coughs, a devious thief and escape artist, the safety-obsessed botanist Hemera Philly, and the incredibly gifted and lucky Jay Fortune. Barry and his friends work together on a plot to one day finally escape this horrible place, and tell the outside world what's really going on.

But things aren't as easy and hopeful as one would want to believe. They are surrounded by cruel, unloving doctors who want nothing but to make them suffer and keep them tied down. Something deeper seems to boil beneath the surface, but nobody's entirely sure what it is. Surely there's someone out there trying to save them... right?
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