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Genres:Comedy, Parody or Satire, Romance, Syndicated
Description*:Did you know that Olive Oyl had a life before Popeye? That’s right! Ten years before Popeye stepped onto the scene and stole her heart, OliveOyl was the star of Thimble Theatre, a comic about the entire Oyl family. There was Olive, her brother Castor, parents Nana and Cole, sister-in-law Cylinda, countless cousins, and Olive’s terrible (ex) boyfriend, Ham Gravy. Popeye also has a great big family! There’s his absentee father, Pappy, his two adoptive dads, Whaler Joe and Davy Jones (yes THAT Davy Jones), his Ma, his Granny, his Aunt Jones, and of course his beloved adopted boykid, Swee’ Pea. This new comic from Shadia Amin (Aggretsuko, Spider-Ham) and Randy Milholland (Popeye, Something Positive) will share what Olive and Popeye get up to when they’re not together— from Olive’s yoga classes with her pal, Mae, to Popeye trying to keep his parents from challenging each other to a death match!



Randy Milholland is best known as the creator of the pioneering Something Positive webcomic, which has been running since 1999. He is also the latest cartoonist to write and draw Popeye for King Features after creating a special Popeye series for Popeye’s Cartoon Club in 2020. He lives in San Antonio, Texas, with his partner and child. He has loved Popeye since he was a child and his knowledge of the Popeye universe is encyclopedic!

Shadia Amin is a Colombian comics artist and illustrator.

She graduated from the Savannah College of Art and Design with a BFA and MFA in Sequential Art and a BFA Minor in Illustration. She has drawn many comics, including the Into the Spider-verse: Spider-Ham graphic novels with Scholastic & Marvel and Aggretsuko with Lion Forge & Oni Press. She is a lifelong Popeye fan and considers Olive Oyl an icon!
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