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Necroknights: Guardians of the Dead

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Genres:Action-Adventure, Fantasy, Furry, Horror, Transformation
Description*:Anna Myers was just trying to live her best life when, in a twist of fate, her spirit was torn from her body, transforming her into a phantom. She and many other undead creatures are being stalked by an over-zealous ghost hunting agency known as ParaNorm. Her only hope for salvation is The Necroknights—a band of undead vigilantes led by the romantic revenant, Terror Tom. When ParaNorm meddles with dark forces they cannot hope to control, they unleash a supernatural calamity that threatens both the world of the living and the dead. Anna Myers must adapt to her newfound abilities as a phantom in order to help the Necroknights put an end to ParaNorm and the monstrous catastrophe they have created.
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