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Order of the Stick

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Genres:Action-Adventure, Comedy, Fantasy, Gaming
Description*:D&D-based roleplaying comic. Follows the colorful adventures of the adventure group "The Order of the Stick"
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Flags:A Adult Situations
L Adult Language
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02:52pm 06/27/2009
Stick figures but the story is great
While the comic is drawn with stick figures you'll enjoy the story and the character development. If you haven't played D&D you'll not get a few jokes but you won't miss anything on the storyline. To classify the comic with adult situations or adult language is simply too much for the comic romance. Has some violence of course as monsters have to be killed!
07:48am 11/18/2008
Not necessary to play D&D to crack a rib laughing
Stick figures like you have never seen them before. This comic has incredible story depth with important plot points unfolding hundreds of strips after they were foreshadowed. Excellent characters from every walk of life. The good the bad and the criminally stupid. I have never played D&D nor any other roll playing game.
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