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Carry On

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Genres:Action-Adventure, Comedy, Furry, Romance
Description*:The (mis)adventures of Kathy the spotted hyena and her friends. Crosses over with 21st Century Fox and Cross Time Cafe.

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Entry Added:Sun, Jul 25, 2004
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06:56pm 10/15/2018
Carry On
As an old geezer in my 7th decade, I've seen a LOT of comics come and go, from Li'l Abner to Peanuts to B.C & Zits. None, and I mean *NONE*, have had the emotional range, depth of content, and downright HUMANITY of this bunch of hyenas. ("It's a comic about hyenas - really!") Ms.Garrison, winner of two Ursa Major awards for stories based on this strip, has chronicled the life of Kathy Grssn since August of 2004, and over the next seven years brought into our lives humor, pathos, intrigue - and surprise - from our young heroine. Then, on May 2, 2011 a whole new world opened for Kathy as a birthday party turned out to be more surprising than she could ever have imagined. I would STRONGLY ENCOURAGE folk to go back to that day, pick up the story, and read it through to today. You WILL not regret it. Oh, did I mention the artwork? Splendid, with nuances of facial expressions that are sometimes almost human! Begin reading, my friend, then ... Carry On!
01:23pm 10/15/2018
Keeps getting better!
Like most webcomics, this one has evolved from fun gag-a-day strips to a sweeping epic, with adventure, romance, and terrific characters (and still plenty of well-placed humor). If the early strips turn you off with their simpler drawing style, I would still recommend reading them for both the humor and the character development. I don't have time to keep up with many comics, but this is one of my "must-read-every-update" ones.
07:12pm 10/14/2018
From silly slice of life to riveting political intrigue and incredible character development
There are a lot of comedic furry slice of life comics - and this comic might appear like that at first glance, introducing a hyena family where the oldest daughter is working as a journalist writing obituaries, then it quickly starts revealing the amazing content it has to offer: Really good and well-paced character growth, an incredibly fleshed out setting and some really original characters.

A great example of this is the the anorexic-looking goth panda girl, who has to be taught to love herself by journalist-hyena's brother. She's a great example of the humor in the comic as well: She's first introduce lying seemingly dead in an alley, having tried to overdose on... M&Ms

Oh ya - the webcomic is full of jokes. For the first several years it was a gag-a-day strip, with loads of animal-themed puns, but as the characters grow so does the plot and the content.

This culminates with the multi-year mega-arc called "The Road to Rackenroon" - because that journalist hyena girl? She's actually an african princess, and you would not believe how epic this story is.

Meeting her initially meet and awkward betrothed(!) future husband, seeing how their relationship develops through trials, tribulations and talking about how they would improve the country they're going to become rulers of - the writing here is masterful, and the character development is some of the finest I've ever seen.

Artwise the comic starts out fairly basic - but from having started in 2004, the art quality has improved greatly to the point that Carry On is arguably one of the prettier furry webcomics out there, with a more 'animal' art style, as opposed to one that makes its characters look more human.

9/10 - would archive binge regularly, and do.
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