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Genres:Action-Adventure, Drama, Horror, Science Fiction
Description*:On a far distant world, 15 years after a civil war, tensions begin to flare again as the primary instigator of the last conflict, Berand Bellisarius, disappears with the bulk of his army, ready to begin his war again. Initially, the enemies of Bellisarius expect their battle to be easy: they soon learn differently as word reaches them that Bellisarius and his House are no longer what they once were, and have gained abilities that transcend the bounds of accepted science. Other people have secrets as well: the insectoid Threllichock, one of the most recent races to reach sentience in the world, have ancient stories and tales throughout their society that suggest the current conflict mirrors another that came thousands of years before the first of the explorers reached this world; a conflict that was responsible for the Threllichock gaining sentience in the first place.

Meanwhile, a group of urban explorers discover an interconnecting series of ruins underneath the worlds largest city... ...ruins that contain the remains of an ancient mass suicide that numbered millions of people. Now independent mercenaries, teenage urban explorers, the heir to the eldest of the ruling Houses, wealthy socialites, scientists, and a large cross section of society suddenly find themselves in the front lines of a war where existence itself is the ultimate prize... ...and death is no longer forever.
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