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Las Lindas

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Genres:Action-Adventure, Anime, Comedy, Drama, Furry, Romance
Description*:Las Lindas is a Slice of Life story that revolves around Mora Linda, who inherits her family's farmland after the death of her mother Diana. At first attempting to manage the farm on her own, she quickly realizes that she will need help, and goes out to recruit some more workers. Things are complicated when an old rival shows up and tries to run Mora out of business.

Las Lindas is a romantic comedy that builds itself around the relationships of personable characters and the crazy dreams of the co-creators Gonzalo (Chalo) and Devin (SoulKat).
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N Nudity
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06:07am 05/14/2009
Beautiful but...
While I love the art and the characters I have a really hard time enjoying the story, I always felt that alot of things were not touched upon enough and some parts left you kinda just wondering what was going on. That aside its definitally full of eye candy.
02:18pm 09/19/2008
Some of the best art out there!
Las Lindas has IMHO some of the best anthro art on the web. I'm going to stick to that until I find something else that blows my socks off as much. the beautifully drawn comic has full page, full color, an impressive style that borrows from anime style but has enough of its own style to make you look again. The artist obviously loves the ladies as there is no shortage of bodacious babes of all kinds here but that is not the only thing. Big boobs only go so far but check out the amount of talent on the pages and how they are laid out, the camera angles and the variety of expression and complexity of some of the scenes. You don't have to like anthro art to appreciate this comic's art. There is crazy talent here.

OK, enough fawning over the art. What about the story? I enjoy reading Las Lindas. I do. I know that there are some story arcs the writer has planned out way in advance. I hope to eventually see them too as some of them are really taking a while. There is no rush though as I enjoy the read which is most often pretty light with a good bit of humor. Even the tense moments usually come back to humor pretty quick. There is also a lot of relationship story and I was very relieved that Mora and Minos did get together. I was hoping I would not have to wait forever on that.

I'm rambling. I honestly think that Las Lindas is too good to be free. Check out the bonus comics too. Some are very spicy!
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