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Genres:Comedy, Drama, Furry, Political, Romance, Syndicated
Description*:The cross-species romance of the rabbit Kevin and his wolf wife Kell. Follow them and their family, as they deal with a predator-eats-prey tech-savvy world.

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12:50pm 11/08/2011
keep going strong
I have been a fan of Kevin and Kell since 1999. I have enjoyed the development you have given your character's, especially Coney. I hope your comic is one that last another 16 years.
07:22am 11/18/2008
A study into what life could be like...
Not only is this a funny comic, but it also is a thought experiment and social commentary. In the thousands of comics, you find a myriad of common situations that are slightly warped by the fact that all the characters are animals and have different motivations that humans do. Furthermore, evolution, genetic engineering, and most especially racism are important topics that encourage the reader to look at his own world.
01:21pm 11/15/2008
Finally, a smart comic for all ages!
This is not a comic that relies on cheep gimmicks or full on sex appeal to get the reader's attention. This comic is witty, imaginative, original, and very well done. Its one of the biggest archives I've seen and a certainly long running comic which I don't see ending any time soon. I highly recommend this comic.
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