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Genres:Drama, Science Fiction
Description*:Ceph is a story that takes place in the far future. The human race actually managed not to kill themselves off and evolved into... something else, and during the course of history, Ceph has been there the whole time. Ceph is a member of an ancient alien race, who came to Earth well before our ancestors crawled out of the oceans. As homo sapiens evolved, the aliens became aware of their growing sentience. They decided to create an avatar that would interact with humans and feed that information into their massive collective mind. Ceph was created with one intent, to be as human as it--he or she, can be. But as humans changed so did the Ceph, forming an ancestral line as old as the human race itself. This story is about the last of the Ceph to live on our planet, because 30 million years in the future, the Earth is doomed...

No comic on site; author has converted story to text-only novel.
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Flags:A Adult Situations
L Adult Language
N Nudity
Entry Added:Thu, Nov 18, 2004
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