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Genres:Comedy, Drama, Gaming, Science Fiction
Description*:It's a comic about 2 gaming nerds, Ethan and Lucas, video games. Ethan is logically challenged, to say, and Lucas tends to have to get him out of trouble. Sometimes, he just watches. It's great.
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04:26am 01/26/2011
You may have heard...
Ah yes, the so-called "knockoff" of penny arcade. I'm sure at least some of you may have recognized it as such. The author of CAD even has an 'honorary' parody character in PA, that of a hack writer that stole one of the protagonists' hard work and contorted it to poorly written twilight-esque fad drivel. If you ever took a moment to take an actual LOOK at Ctrl+Alt+Del, you'd find that the comic has gone FAR above and beyond any so-called claim to fame any other comic might impotently bleat about. You will find, within these strips, a lovingly crafted continuity of eccentric gamer adventure that fulfills all of your childhood gamer fantasies--if indeed you were lucky enough to have a gaming childhood. This comic takes me back to happier, simpler times, yet somehow does so without losing its edge, and some sense of consequence. See the life of a carefree witless gamer, the life that you always wished you could live, and the horrible things he somehow survives. This comic is certainly one to come back to, again and again and again. I couldn't possibly call my central list of favorite comics complete without a spot for this gem.

06:55pm 11/18/2008
Don't let the first couple of strips fool you...
The art starts out mediocre, no real storyline, and not much depth to the characters. While it IS true that it is a gamer comic, it is not completely necessary to like gaming. The characters deepen, the storyline becomes immersing, and the art tightens up nicely. Very funny with many quick gags, but the story flows and and the characters change. As a gamer comic, it starts out the same as the rest, but has risen head and shoulders above them all.
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