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Genres:Action-Adventure, Anime, Drama, Fantasy, Furry, Science Fiction
Description*:The world is not how we now know it. Mankind has been subdued, the animal kingdom now acting as keepers of the planet while what remains of humanity is kept under close watch by the world leaders. Rodents have taken their own continent, and the countries of Haron and Maron have been in a war for supremacy for over a century, demonstrating the very traits that led to the Fall of Man.

When an ancient evil rises to once again try and take over the world, the fate of Earth rests on the shoulders of one young mouse. Joined by two band groupies and a spastic squirrel, Hiaté sets out on her journey to stop the advances of Ekana's army and save the world, but can she succeed with a raging war and humanity's spite both acting against her and fueling her enemy's power?

Updates every Monday.
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