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Starfire Agency, the

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Genres:Drama, Furry, Horror, Science Fiction
Description*:The story of a group researching aliens, vampires, ghosts and other paranormal phenomena. It's kinda like X-files and Ghostbusters combined with anthro critters. From the author of 'Night Shift'.

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04:59pm 04/07/2010
Very, very good.
It's not often that I find such a colorful comic with a great story behind it. Either it's just a weekly funny, a comic with good art but no true plot (*cough* Altermeta), or a mere black and white comic.

Now, nothing against those types of comics, but when it comes to an enthralling and interesting story, Starfire is it. It's about a group of paranormal investigators going about their adventures.

Sound cliché?

Trust me. It's not. Each of the characters have their own background and personal reasons for pursuing their research. These are not mere fanatics. Spoiler alert, but one comes from a long line of vampire hunters, another encountered an "angel", and one was victim of a abduction.

All this revolves around a story that flows just as much as it looks good. Art is an A++.

If you like the super natural, the occult, and anthros, this is the comic for you. Yes, there are other color comics with good stories. But here's a nice, modern one that moves back and forth through time, telling a story like no other.
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