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Tales of the Questor

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Genres:Action-Adventure, Drama, Fantasy, Furry, Spiritual
Description*:Starring Quentyn, on a quest to find his future and fortune. If you like this strip, also check out "Quentyn Quinn, Space Ranger" by the same artist.

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Entry Added:Sat, Feb 9, 2002
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01:50pm 04/05/2015
A complete downfall
R.H. Junior had my respect, if not my agreement, for his solid Christian, family-themed position. His last update in months is an advertisement for an overpriced disk of his pinup art.

It is no great loss. His last few dozen strip have been sloppily drawn and poorly colored, and the story has become a standard quest-for-the-objects fantasy series from the 1980s. None of the imagination nor the quality of this strip's early years is present. Enjoy the archives, but otherwise don't waste your time after Quenton leaves the mistwall. Otherwise, make up your own stories.
11:23am 01/08/2012
Best Web Strip Ever
In my opinion, the mix of the great storytelling, perfect balance of light-hearted and incredibly dark moments, lovable characters, and (especially in early strips) a beautiful, engaging, and consistent aesthetic lands this as my favorite Webcomic of all time.
06:18am 05/06/2011
Engaging story and wonderful hero
Meet Quentyn. He is a compelling character, and very easy to identify with. He has passion, and uses it to carry him through trials of many kinds. Nothing comes easy to him, and he has to win each friend and ally individually. He is good, but will reluctantly stretch the law to do what he thinks is right. he takes his job seriously when no one else will, and will go through great personal sacrifice for his family.
Each story arc is well done and satisfying. I never feel like the author cheated. The supporting characters also have great color, but it is Quentyn that ties them all together.
01:19am 09/21/2008
Awesome. Surpassed only by the Gods of webcomics,. Shlock Mercenary, Penny Arcade etc.
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