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Experimental Comic Kotone

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Genres:Anime, Comedy, Drama
Description*:"Onii-chan," a college student whose name we never learn, is working a summer internship under the less-than-mentally-sound Professor Hasegawa. Not only is he given the task of taking care of Kotone, (a little girl who is actually an android built by the Professor,) but he is also engaged to Haruna, a Japanese girl, by the Professor, who seems to enjoy making Onii-chan's life REALLY complicated. Not to mention there's laika the samurai girl with the "ONI" gene who's secretly in love with Onii-chan, Konstantin the bisexual "bishounen" and lots of other adorable characters. Fun, quirky and quite good, it's something you will enjoy.

The prof. is also working on a fantastic drawing program.
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Flags:A Adult Situations
V Graphic Violence
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