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General Protection Fault

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Genres:Action-Adventure, Comedy, Parody or Satire, Science Fiction
Description*:(from the site)
Started as an accidental doodle while sitting in a cubicle in a large information technology company. Needless to say, it was corrupted with geekiness from the beginning.

Since that time, it has grown into a bizarre, humorous, and entertaining adventure with little signs of slowing down. Filled with intelligent humor, zany parodies, obscure jabs, and sentient slime molds, GPF is one of the most unique comic strips on the Web. It is unique not because of the technical aspects of the strip (i.e., its "geekiness"), but in that it focuses on the relationships and characterization of the cast, and on the adventures that face the every day. Mind you, those adventures and characters are far from normal, but what would you expect from a comic born within the eddies of cyberspace?

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