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Schlock Mercenary

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Genres:Action-Adventure, Comedy, Science Fiction
Description*:A funny comic about a mercenary company that started out as all humans until schlock joined with his BH-209 plasgun with its ommminous hummmmm. It's got an impressive archive in that it's never missed a day since it started in june of 2000.
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Flags:V Graphic Violence
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Entry Added:Mon, Feb 12, 2001
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09:04pm 09/21/2015
Phenomenal comic!
There is a lot of good, very good and excellent comics, but Schlock is phenomenal. It is funny as hell, for the good part of chapters. Later it becomes more elaborate, with excellent art and story. Not one time it was boring, and I really wanted to see what happens next.

I really didn't think that I will ever feel the same affection to a piece of work like the first time I was watching Red Dwarf or Futurama.

It is absolutely brilliant, and if this review will make you read it, start from beginning.
04:10am 05/01/2015
Thoughtful sci-fi with a heavy froth of comedy
Schlock is definitely in my top 5, with a long history and with great improvements in its art quality over time. There is usually a joke most days, but it's not afraid to bring in the heavy stuff when it is appropriate to the story.
07:00am 12/19/2008
Superb writing and a dedication to regular updates!
By far those two things set this comic far past many others it its genre and others! Despite what a previous reviewer said, Schlock Mercenary's artwork has come a long way from its early days and I find Howard's style to be genuinely enjoyable and well done.
07:44am 11/18/2008
Sci-fi Comedy at it's best
Looking for a comic so funny that it can get away with crappy artwork? look no farther! Howard Taylor writes a space story with just enough real science to get the nerd in all of us excited. Loveable characters, excellent story development, and AI that will have you rolling on the floor laughing. One of only three comics I will give a five star rating too.
02:18pm 07/09/2008
Military Sci-fi with a comedic bent
One of my favorite comics. It's funny, and has silly side discussions of faux-far-future tech. I don't think the author has ever missed an update. I only ding it a star because the art is a bit shakey on occasion.
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