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Genres:Action-Adventure, Comedy, Drama, Fantasy, Gaming, Parody or Satire, Romance, Science Fiction
Description*:A perennial favorite from Pete Abrams. Join Torg and Riff as they get through a series of bizarre occurrances.
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Flags:V Graphic Violence
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12:29am 08/20/2012
Deep and Wide
Some comics promise deep characters and big adventures to explore the nature of these characters.
Other comics try to explore the depth of their characters in their daily lives.
Sluggy succeeds wildly at both, and this success is highly dependent on the high rate of production, as the long stories would otherwise drag on and on. You will feel like you know the characters personally, but they will still surprise you without breaking the character.

The reckless main characters face difficult decisions, make some wrong choices, grow as individuals, and continue to entertain well after you start trying to predict their actions in an arc.

If I have a complaint, it is that the comic does not ease you into it, and it is hard to get going. Even several hundred strips into the 5000+ in the archive, you feel like you are still getting more thrown at you than you can handle. Once you get to the other side of that, it goes much smoother.

If you are willing to invest tons of time to discover if you want to stick to the strip, get at least as far as bun-bun's Christmas rivalries. This is a hard comic to recommend, because there is no guarantee that you will like it all the way up until you have proven it to yourself with a 500+ strips, which is already a huge commitment.
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