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Genres:Action-Adventure, Comedy, Fantasy, Gaming, Parody or Satire
Description*:The crazy Hijinks of all your favorite gaming sprites! Well, technically this isn't true, them being sprites from a single game or so. And if you're not a gamer... Uh... Nevermind.
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08:08pm 10/31/2011
Like a marathon
This has more than 1200 pages, most of which are in the vicinity of 16 frames and plenty of text. Saying it is a very well done sprite comic does not in anyway detract from the fact that it is a sprite comic. I did not succeed in my first attempt to read this, but I stuck out the second attempt, and found myself rewarded. Perhaps it is easier if you are a gamer and know players like the characters, but this still is a large commitment.

It is hard to recommend, but I really did get into it and I will attempt to tell you the rewards of finishing this complete project:
1) The characters are well defined, somewhat predictable, but still surprise you. Almost all of them.
2) There is no art shift to speak of, and in time you learn to see complex emotion in simply the eyes of each character.
3) The humor hits every part of multiple spectra, and is at it's best in the last third of the comic
4) Not only the humor, but also the story finishes strong
5) Truely flawed characters interact with each other in a way that may be silly and over the edge, but still feels organic.
6) Good Triumphs.

If you can get through a couple hundred comics are are somewhat amused, I would say you should finish. If it drives you bonkers and you just can't get into it, you are not alone.
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