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Daedalus Blue

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Genres:Action-Adventure, Drama, Science Fiction
Description*:"In the distant future the world is once again in the grip of cold war.

The United Kingdom's reluctance to Join the European Union, and the United States' policies of solidarity, eventually led to the formation of a new agreement; The Coalition of Nations. More commonly known as The Blues.

In reaction to an ailing Russian government- a new faction was born out of the ashes of the Soviet Union. The Socialist Confederation (The Reds) offered an alternative to the capitalist and religious zealotry of the United States, now the string- pullers of the Coalition.

Fifty years ago, amongst escalating tensions between the two superpowers, Scientists discovered that the sun was going into a state of collapse.

Although this process was likely to take thousands of years- the likelihood of massive and devastating solar flares skyrocketed. It was entirely possible that the earth cold be destroyed at any given time.

It was decided that perhaps the only escape for the planet lay in research gathered in the depths of black hole space. Three years later a furious race began to develop a craft capable of such a journey."
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